For Creators

Make money doing what you love.

Make money doing
what you love.

Let fans become exclusive members, and gain their support.

Reward your members with unique benefits, exclusive content, or physical items.

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Key creators benefits.

Earn from paid membership

Making money from your work is not your biggest challenge anymore. Let supporters unlock exclusive posts, Member-only products and more. Every sale you make goes directly in your secure wallet account.

Create stronger interaction

Get your content and brand in front of the right people. Share and sell customized experiences. Open virtual discussions or live streaming directly from your feed. Surprise your community with rewards on achievements.

Earn lifetime passive income

Sale of digital collectibles lets you make money without relying on sponsors or advertising. Choose your life-time royalties rate and set up real utilities guaranteeing new revenue streams and full content ownership.

Monitor your business

Make the most of your valuable time. Operate with back-end tools and analytic platforms. Get real time insights from your content and your community engagement.

Own your content

You own your content. You control who can access it. You control its value. You manage digital utilities attached to your digital collectibles (e.g. concert tickets, reclaimable merch, promo codes, etc.)

Improve your skills

Enroll in the Million Creator Academy to access educational materials curated by top content experts. Gain valuable insights on how to monetize your content and expand your community. Connect with like-minded creators to find inspiration and receive guidance, making your creative journey more fulfilling and less solitary.


Start outsourcing task, get more done, and share royalties in the process.

How it works.

Everything you need
to start selling your content.

1. Set up your profile

Register with a username, link your existing social media accounts, set up your membership and you are good to go.

2. Create content

Upload videos or photos from your phone library, fine tune with filters, add a description and offer benefits.

3. Set price and access

Configure viewer options: post accessible for free, for pay per view or for members only.

4. Share your post

Let your community know about your latest exclusive content for sale.

5. Start Earning

Make your content more valuable to fans by charging for it.

6. Manage income

It’s your community and you’re in control. Track your biggest supporters, message them directly and access your data any time.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Will I be able to apply if I am not from the Middle East or North Africa?

For now, our program is limited to creators from the Middle East and North Africa region. But we will expand its reach in future.

What category of content creators can apply?

Million accepts applications from creators in a variety of categories, including music, art, photography, writing, comedy, and more. As long as you create original content, you can apply to become a creator on the platform.

Can we monetize all the content we produce?

Yes, you can monetize all the content you produce on Million, as long as it is original and complies with the platform's terms and conditions.

Download our White Paper and find out how Million wants to solve the transactional relationship problem on social media platforms.