The Roadmap

Million's development roadmap



  • Project launch following market research and analysis
  • Creator economy research
  • Team recruitment process
  • Digital marketplace MVP starts
  • Initial partnership discussions starts

POC development.

  • Social Media component Alpha version released
  • Release of marketplace MVP (NFT minting, marketplace integration with Social Media platform)
  • Onboarding of celebrities and media


  • Additional recruitment of development team
  • Platform development start
  • Discussion with regional Industry partners
  • User journey studies


  • Key partnership recruitment
  • Infrastructure development
  • Social media community building
  • Celebrities’ recruitment
  • Brand development
  • Media outreach

Production development.

  • Whitepaper release
  • New website launch
  • Android & IOS mobile application development
  • Performance optimization
  • Creator journey enhancements
  • Celebrities’ recruitment
  • Marketing promotion

Support Development.

  • Arabization
  • Million’s Academy development
  • Accounting System Implementation
  • User support platform development
  • Compliance for AML/CFT Certification
  • Private fundraising round

Private launch.

  • Creator recruitment campaign
  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Beta version testing
  • Million’s Academy soft launch
  • Digital asset licensing application
  • Penetration Testing
  • Bug fixes

Public Launch.

  • Apple AppStore and Google Play Approval
  • Creators onboarding on Beta app launch
  • User onboarding campaign
  • End of the Level Up program
  • Public launch
  • Subscription tiers level development
  • Gamification development

Decentralization Phase.

  • New roadmap announcement
  • Communities module
  • MILZ token generation
  • Collectibles and marketplace development
  • Digital wallet connect
  • Auctions module
  • Collectible utilities platform development
  • DAO development
  • Composable architecture development
  • Portable social graph development
  • Digital ID development
  • Advertiser’s Web app-Beta

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